How Email Marketing Helps to get you more Traffic?

Email Marketing is sending commercial messages via mail to companies or to clients could be consider as email marketing. It is 40 Xmore effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and twitter.
Email Conversions rates are 3X higher than social media.

Email marketing
90 Percent consumers like to get updates through email newsletter, While 10 Percent prefers Facebook.
60 Percent of marketers say email marketing is producing an ROI for the organisation.It is as effective as other like SMM etc….
There were approx 4.3 billions email accounts in 2016, and surely its going to increase as every thing has become digital.
Return on investment is easily traceable by email helps in making sales.

Email is a remarkably flexible tool that can accommodate a wide range of messages. Ads can be quite simple, or they can be flashy, multimedia packages. The aesthetic of the ad will depend on the company and the product for sale. Some ads are only text while others include images, video, and long lists of links.
Email can accommodate almost any message a marketer wants to send. For instance,, a nightlife website, ran a highly successful email marketing campaign by including large, eye catching images in the header of the email. The images were geared toward a young male demographic and gave the email context. They encouraged the reader to scroll down and engage with the sales messages contained in the body of the email. (See also Targeted Marketing)
One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that it allows marketers to send targeted messages. Print, radio and television ads are broadcast indiscriminately and frequently reach consumers who have no interest in the product offered. It allows companies to tailor certain ads to certain customers. If a customer has shopped for a brand of shoes in the past, companies can email them coupons for that same brand knowing that they have already expressed an interest.
Companies can elect to manage their own email marketing campaigns or they can choose from over 100 different companies who offer this services. These services provide easy software tools that allow companies to manage their email lists, design ads, and track how often they are accessed. Larger companies that send out dozens of daily emails to tens of thousands of different customers often use email services to manage the process.
The email marketing industry has exploded over the last 15 years. In 2011, companies spent $1.51 billion on email marketing efforts. In order to tap into this growth, a number of companies have started to provide email services to businesses large and small.

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